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Personal Tracker

Personal Tracker

Personal tracking technology is gaining significance throughout the world owing to its immense benefits. At Telogo communications too we are offering state-of-the-art GPS based personal tracking technology to our customers. Safety of your child, pet, aged parents and other family members as well as vehicular and other assets may be ensured with a personal tracker. With this technology you will be able to keep track of all your relatives and assets. Days of fretting about losing contact with your near and dear ones and valuable assets when you are at the office are over. Now you can always stay informed about the position and location of your baby, elder mother or father, pet, car or any other object or person even if you cannot communicate with them. You just need a GPS personal tracker from telecom communications to resolve your worries. Let us go through the applications of personal tracker application.

Lone worker protection

If you have a worker manning a system at a location, and you have no idea about how to man the system if something happens to the worker then you can use personal tracker for the man. This will offer protection to the man as well as help you man the system in case of emergency. If you are dispatching workers to work in remote or dangerous areas then this technology will help you track your worker and ensure his protection.

Elderly people protection

Elderly people are prone to forgetting routes to home. If you find that your elderly mother or father has lost direction to home after the morning walk or from the market or from somewhere else you can communicate with and direct them about the way to home.

Children protection

Your child may also stray away from home or be taken away by malicious person or even a babysitter. This is a nagging worry for working mothers. However, personnel tracker can come to your rescue. Track your baby throughout the day with a personal tracker and catch the babysitter trying to get away with any malevolent idea.

Asset security

Be it your vehicle, a high value parcel or any other asset you must be worried about the high value assets at home or outside. You can ensure their security with the help of personal tracker. Tracking your vehicle or parcel will also help you to lower fuel expense by directing the driver about the most economic route. You will also be able to alert the driver about traffic conditions, accidents and about the nearest workshop in case of repairs or accidents and gas station if the car is running out of gas. You will also have the information of malpractices, if any, by the driver.

Pet security

When both of you are at the office your pet may venture out and get lost. In such cases a personal tracker fitted into your pet will help you locate it and bring it back.

Ease of use

These are small devices which you can keep in the backpack or pocket. You can easily get all the information about your relatives, assets and pets in real time without using a computer.