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Both OEM and ODM offer values to companies selling electronic items. With increasing cost of manufacturing and changing specifications of electronic items, designing and manufacturing have become costly. Moreover, the in-house manufacturing facility is not fully utilized if you have only the products from your own company to design and manufacture. This is why companies are relying more and more on OEMs and ODMs. This not only reduces the cost of production, but also trims down the production department. Managing the business also becomes easy as you can delegate the responsibility of manufacturing the product to a third party. If you are going for ODM then you can even outsource the designing aspect to the third party, and focus only on product development and marketing. Moreover, you can rest assured that the OEM or ODM will manufacture the items according to your guidelines and specifications. So the products will still be labeled as those from the company while the manufacturing and designing will be done by some other company. If you are scouting for an OEM or ODM partner in China then you can give us a try.

Telogo communications ltd. is a China based Telecommunication Company that has its own brands of GPS based tracking devices. We manufacture GPS based vehicle tracker, personal tracker, assets tracker, fleet management systems etc. However, we are open to offers from companies, especially overseas ones, to design and manufacture your products according to your specifications.

State of the art equipment

We are using latest surface mount technology for manufacturing of electronic items. This technology makes it convenient for manufacturing even those electronic items which are not suited for surface mount technology. We have the latest production and designing systems to suit all your needs.

Cost effective

Owing to surface mount technology and latest technologies our machines are never underutilized. This brings down the overhead cost. So you will get the best manufacturing and designing technology at least cost if you are willing to rely on us for OEM or ODM.

Low labor cost

If you are looking for a designing and manufacturing base in China then Telego communications can be your ideal choice. Outsource the job of designing and manufacturing your products to us, and see for yourself.

Manufacturing base outside your country

Having a manufacturing base for yourself is a costly affair these days. If you are a foreign company and want to set up manufacturing base here you can rely on reputed OEMs or ODMs like us. This will help you save a lot on production cost while getting products designed to perfection and according to your specifications.

Customized products

We are a new company, but have highly experienced technical personnel in our team. Our designing and manufacturing team has developed our own line of GPS tracking devices. Owing to the innovative capabilities of our team we can also design and manufacture customized products that will set your products apart from others in the market.

Support team

We also have an experienced and courteous team of technical support personnel. They are capable of extending support regarding designing, manufacturing and other related aspects of production for our esteemed customers across the globe.