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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

A business owner must manage his assets efficiently so that delivery of services or products is on time, costs less and utilizes the same resource to cater to a wide base of customers. If your service or product delivery is dependent on a fleet of vehicles such as cars, trucks or buses then you have to manage the fleet efficiently in order to maximize your return on investment. An efficient delivery system through a fleet of vehicles will also enhance customer satisfaction. This is all the more necessary if you are running a passenger pick up and drop facility, sending technicians regularly to various customer for troubleshooting purposes or are committed to delivering products to customers regularly in a time bound manner. A fleet management system can help you achieve your objective, and Telego communications is committed to implementing state of the art fleet management technologies for its esteemed customers.

Benefits of fleet management

A fleet management system will keep track of all your vehicles. You will get to know where your vehicles are at any point of time, information about delivery of products or service personnel and stops made by each vehicle, if the vehicles are taking the most efficient routes or not etc. You can derive the following benefits from our fleet management system.

Increased fleet efficiency

Once you get the hang of the system you will able to track whether the vehicles in your fleet are taking the most efficient routes or not. If they are not, then you can alert them to do so. This will debar the vehicles from veering off to uneconomic or lengthy routes and thus deliver more service in the same time. Thus a fleet management system from Telego Communications will help you achieve fleet efficiency.

Control cost

It will control the labor cost as well as fuel cost. Once all the vehicles start taking the most economic or short routes delivery of service will become prompt. This will reduce the bill on account of overtime by the service personnel as well as the drivers. This will also contribute to a reduced fuel bill. Thus you can save money on both fronts.

Improved safety

With the help of a fleet management system you will be able to secure your vehicles as well as the cargo in them. With GPS based tracking you will get real time alerts about each of your vehicle and the cargo therein. This can prevent theft of cargo to a great extent. This will also aid in recovery of damaged or stolen vehicles and cargo.

Prevent unauthorized use

A fleet management system from Telego communications will also put a leash on errant drivers and service personnel. You will have a vivid picture of routes taken by your vehicles, stops made etc. This will give you a clear idea about how the vehicles are being used, and if they are being used for some other purposes or not.

Lower insurance cost

Many insurance companies offer discounts in insurance premium if the vehicles are fitted with GPS based tracking. So you can also save on the cost of insurance of vehicles and cargo.